Posted by: Sian Musgrave | April 8, 2011

Out and about

I managed to get out and about a bit today in the sunshine doing the rounds collecting data from some of our people counters. 

On Gower roads we are all used to sheep and lambs, cattle and ponies crossing the roads, but today I had a chicken (trying to get to the other side) and a duck too!

Pedestrian gate at Cwm Ivy

The counters are mainly in gates and record the number of times the beam across the gateway is broken – for instance by someone walking through the gateway. The count for Cwm Ivy last weekend was 315 people, so the season is picking up….


Colin Williams, tenant farmer

I met one of our tenant farmers Colin Williams at Landimore, and in time honoured fashion stopped to catch up on the news whilst leaning on the gate looking out over the beautiful and haunting north Gower saltmarshes.

As usual the ponies and sheep grazing the marsh were following the tide out, and the saltmarsh plants were looking good.

Landimore marsh

The gutter will fill up when the tide comes in – and with the high tides over the next week or so, this will be completely covered.

Then it was on to Penmaen – one of the paths that leads to Tor Bay and Three Cliffs – very popular on any sunny day especially in the summer.

Path through Penmaen Burrows to Tor Bay and Three Cliffs Bay

The counter here showed 803 people had walked through the gate last weekend – you could tell it was sunny!

It was too busy at Rhossili to collect the data, so I shall have to go back first thing on a fine morning.

Lets hope the weather stays fine this weekend so everyone can get out and about …….

Why did the duck cross the road.....?


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