Posted by: Sian Musgrave | April 15, 2011

Can’t see the wood for the trees…

After a few days off it was back to work and out with Head of Forestry Ray Hawes.  We went down to Cwm Ivy and looked at the trees in the woods around the Lodge.

The Lodge

The Lodge was built in the 1920’s as a field laboratory by Captain Kinnersley who used to own the land and planted all the trees as an economic timber crop.  Sadly it has now passed its sell by date and we have had to shut it down.  The good news is that we have planning permission to build a new Lodge in the style of the old.  It’ll still be the the tin shack in the woods!

Trees at the Lodge

The trees around the Lodge are covered in clematis – old mans beard – and it always reminds me of lianas in the rainforest.   We’ll have to take a few of the trees down so that we can rebuild the Lodge.  They are rather elderly and we don’t want them to fall down on the new build.

Ray came down from our head office in Swindon to assess the situation and help us decide how many trees had to be felled.  So we spent an enjoyable day with measuring tapes and green paint in amongst the brambles, clematis and primroses getting soaked by the persistent rain!

Ray after marking trees and scrambling around in the undergrowth

The next step is to apply for a felling licence from the Forestry Commission.  When we have that we can start rebuilding the Lodge!


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