Posted by: Sian Musgrave | April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a lovely day yesterday at our Easter Trail at Rhossili.  Lots of excited children running around finding clues to unscramble and win a Cadbury’s easter egg!  I think as many adults took part as children – any excuse for some chocolate!

Looking for clues at Rhossili

The shop was quite busy too – lots of people coming down to the beach or for a walk before Sunday lunch.  Or even to walk off the Sunday lunch!

Easter Sunday at our shop

It was the first outing for our newly ‘wrapped’ caddy van too.  It is now a brilliant advert for the natural beauty of Gower.  Lots of people stopped to chat about the pictures – its a real show stopper, and we’re really pleased with the results.

Tom 'wrapping' the caddy van

Worms Head - double vision?

Three Cliffs at Rhossili

So look out for us as we drive it around Gower and further afield – you can’t miss it!

Earlier this week I went to see Claire and the volunteers who were doing some fencing in the Vile at Rhossili.  The Vile is the survivor of a medieval strip field system – small strips of fields of about an acre each separated by low earth banks, and surrounded by larger more open fields.  If you’re at Rhossili, the best view of it is from the top of Rhossili Down, or if you’re on the cliffs near the Lookout look over the stone wall and you’ll see them in front of you.

Claire and the volunteers fencing in the Vile

Such a lovely day, a beautiful place to work, with new born lambs frolicking in the fields and fantastic views all around.

Vile views?

Gower is such a lovely place.  Lots of people were on the beach at Rhossili yesterday despite the rather cool wind on the top of the cliffs.  Later I was at Three Cliffs bay, and the beach was full of people despite it being later in the evening and a bit cooler.  From my vantage point at Pennard Castle I could see that Oxwich was being enjoyed by quite a few people too!

A lovely end to a lovely day – Happy Easter, and enjoy the holidays if you’re having one!


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