Posted by: Sian Musgrave | May 2, 2011

Its definitely a bank holiday…

Litter on the beaches, fires on the commons, tents on the dunes, and cars blocking gateways frustrating farmers who can’t get in to plough and plant.

And lots and lots of  people out enjoying our beautiful peninsula.

It astounds me that if people can be bothered to carry food etc down to the beach, why can’t they carry everything back up instead of dumping it all at the bottom of the steps or leaving it on the beach?  It takes us hours to clean up our beaches each month and costs a bomb in skips – most of that is sea borne waste, but you can always tell when there’s been a bank holiday – the waste is definitely from people!

Please help us keep Gower special by disposing of litter responsibly….

Litter at Rhossili

I had to phone the fire brigade today as Penmaen common was on fire and burning amazingly close to a line of cars parked on the common.  The strong gusty wind wasn’t helping as the flames were swirling around in all kinds of directions.

Fire damage at Penmaen common

Its a bad time of year to have a burn – everything is so dry, and the ground nesting birds are extremely vulnerable as they sit on their eggs or tend their newly hatched broods in the undergrowth.  This hen pheasant had a lucky escape, but was clearly distressed and  looking for something.

A hen pheasant lucky to escape the fire

Kathryn was out and about a week or so ago and found Welshmoor on fire – disaster for the  rare marsh fritillary butterfly which was just about hatching at the time.

The rare marsh fritillary butterfly which lives on Welshmoor

Welshmoor on fire

On a lighter note, Claire took this lovely photo of the bluebells at Notthill …

Notthill bluebells

and the view from there looking over Three Cliffs Bay is always just stunning.

High tide at Three Cliffs


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