Posted by: Sian Musgrave | May 27, 2011

Welshmoor wildlife

The sun finally showed its face on Wednesday afternoon just in time for a site visit to Welshmoor with Matthew Oates, our wildlife consultant.  His enthusiasm and love for nature never fails to inspire me.

Although the wind was still quite strong we managed to see the iridescent green hairstreak and beautiful marsh fritillary butterflies, plus a variety of other wildlife.

The patches of white cotton grass were blowing in the wind, the ponies and cattle were congregating around the pond, and a newly hatched four spotted chaser was resting amonst the reeds at the edge, whilst other dragonflies skimmed around the surface.

We got really close to nature when we discovered a skylark nest with 5 eggs in it tucked under a piece of sphagnum moss!

What a fantastic and inspiring day!



  1. Oh my! Sian this is truly beautiful and inspirational, I love the changing pics and you are obviously multi talented madam as your writing is superb!

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