Posted by: Sian Musgrave | June 14, 2011

Welcome Shane!

Well, it was a busy first day yesterday for our new Property Manager Shane Logan who has joined us from Stackpole.  We spent some time talking about what we care for on Gower, and then went out on site to have a look around.  We went to the farm at South Pilton Green Farm, called into the shop at Rhossili and then on to Whiteford to see the bomb squad.

Shane our new Property Manager

The farm is not yet ready for us to move into as our offices, but it wont be too long I hope!  The housemartins were darting around overhead and I was surprised to see the ponds so low – they are normally full to the brim!  The orchids on the Green are almost over now, to be replaced by an abundance of other wild flowers and grasses which we will cut and bale at the end of the summer.

We watched a whole load of paragliders enjoying the smooth air at Rhossili today – they caused quite a bit of interest with the watching public.

Then it was on to north Gower – we stopped briefly at the Bulwark to see the view over the estuary and check on the badger sett in the ramparts.  It seems the sheep have been burrowing away at the spoil heaps to use as shelters, enlarging them and damaging the banks.  A future repair job, I think!

The sun was out and it was a beautiful afternoon down at Cwm Ivy and Whiteford, where after a brief stop at the bird hide, we looked at the orchids and helleborines in the fenced off slacks.  Slacks are the low wet hollows between the dunes, and they are normally very rich in flowering plants – except where the sheep have grazed off all the plants!

It was all going on at Cwm Ivy where the ‘bomb squad’ who are down for a week or so, were at work sweeping the beach, dunes and around the Lodge for munitions left from its previous use as a firing range.

Then back to the office and the end to a very busy day!



  1. Do you call that work – you guys should be paying the National Trust for that experience. Great blog keep up the brilliant work.

    • Thanks Paul! Would you like to come and join us? We can always use some extra pairs of hands……

  2. Heard the bomb squads efforts in Oxwich!!

    • Gosh! I didn’t realise the sound of explosions carried that far!

  3. Welcome, Shane, indeed. I hear he did a fab job at Stackpole so I’m sure the Gower has great things to gain. Looking forward to following developments on your new blog.

    • Thanks Kate – we’re trying to keep things up to date and interesting for our followers!

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