Posted by: Sian Musgrave | June 21, 2011

We’ve got it covered …(or not!!!)

Early Sunday morning saw 408 amazingly enthusiastic people gathering at Rhossili beach to take part in the world record attempt for mass skinny dipping….

The word of the day was AAMAAAAAZING!!!!!! and yes – its pronounced like its spelled!

The weather was lovely, with an offshore breeze and lovely big rollers coming in at nearly high tide.

Everyone was counted in, then we did some warm up mexican waves and star jumps and did the big countdown…..

All of a sudden it was like a mass exodus – everyone started stripping off and running into the sea, yelling and screaming as they went!

What an experience – surrounded by all of these bodies who had taken to the waves to raise money for Marie Curie cancer care and the National Trust.

After 10 minutes of everyone being up to their waists in the waves I blew the whistle and waved the flag, and we were officially world record breakers – the record to beat being 250 people….Hurrah!!

Massive thanks to Alison Powell who made it happen, together with all her friends and helpers/marshalls, St Johns ambulance guys (who really enjoyed driving on the beach!), and Langland lifesavers.  And of course to all you people who took part and raised the money.  We are up to £13k so far – an unbelievable effort – thanks everyone – you know who you are!!

It hit the news big time with BBC/ITN/Sky and all the papers taking up the story.  Here’s a link to the YouTube video, and there’s a Facebook page for more info.

Who would have thought that when the email asking if a mass skinny dip could happen at Rhossili hit my desk in January that it would come to this!

Here’s Alan’s take on the day…….

The 5.30am alarm was a reminder, should one have been necessary, that this was no ordinary day at work. A strong coffee and a rushed breakfast and I met Sian at the office to ‘arm’ ourselves with banners, cameras and a flask of coffee before heading off to Rhossili beach. Sian had mentioned the ‘big skinny dip’ in my first week with the Gower team but it had seemed such a long way off and, quite frankly a little alarming, that I put it to the back of my mind. It was only a couple of weeks ago when things began to gather pace and numbers of entries started to be mentioned that I appreciated quite what a big event this was going to be.

Rhossili beach however obviously wasn’t in the spirit of the event when we arrived, grey skies, windy and a choppy sea and the decision (not that one was really needed) not to take part seemed a wise one. I set about putting up the NT’s feather flags whilst Sian ferried anxious ‘dippers’ to the start point and slowly but surely the morning began to warm a little and there was even a tantalising hint of sunshine.

Suddenly it was time but nothing quite prepared me for the quite amazing site of 408 naked people running for the sea at once! The sound of the running skinny dippers whooping and cheering and laughing as they splashed into the sea was fantastic and it just got louder and louder! A few minutes in and Sian blew a whistle to declare the world record was set. 408 beaming faces reappeared on the beach, everyone thoroughly pleased with themselves before disappearing back to the campsite for a well deserved mug of tea.

Thanks again guys – you really made it happen!  See you next year!



  1. Yes, it certainly was an AMMAAAAAAZING achievement!

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