Posted by: Alan Kearsley-Evans | July 4, 2011


Sunday, what a scorcher! Sun cream and wide brimmed hats were de rigeur at Whiteford as I led a guided walk around the burrows. The car park at Whiteford was overflowing as it was the annual Llanmadoc and Cheriton open gardens day not to mention the many families heading down to the beach for a picnic.

The flowers at Cwm Ivy Tor such as lady’s bedstraw and pyramidal orchids were putting on a good show as we walked toward the newly forming sand dunes and slacks by Cwm Ivy. The sand dunes are new here , only forming in the last 20 yrs, however further along the site the dunes are eroding at a rate of 5 metres a year and it is possible the Berges island end of the burrows will actually become separated from the site in the next 50 – 100years.

As the sun got hotter through the afternoon we made for the shelter of the trees and were lucky enough to see Dark Green Fritillaries and Marbled White butterflies enjoying the sun in the dunes on the way. Back to the car park and it was off for a well deserved drink and a lie down in the shade.


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