Posted by: Alan Kearsley-Evans | July 12, 2011

Rolling rolling rolling….

Public enemy numbers 1 and 2; bracken and ragwort.

Bracken, aka the smotherer, responsible for dominating grasslands and heathlands across the country. Creates monoculture wherever it grows. A nuisance.

Ragwort, aka the yellow poisoner. Creates up to 150,000 seeds per plant and quickly spreads across huge areas. Poisonous to livestock. Persistant offender.

Bring on the flying squad. Our warden Claire Hannington and her team have been tirelessly pulling ragwort from our fields on the Warren and the Vile and Claire spent a rather hot and exhausting day crushing and bruising bracken with a roller towed behind the quad.

It doesn’t sound like much but without this work our conservation management would grind to a halt so…….

thanks one and all!

Dave Lees, Margaret Lees, Dave Jefferson, Leighton Radford, Len Moran, Howard Lewis, Frank Rott, Michelle Irving, Gisele Jones, Barry Taylor, Mary Taylor, Tim Amos, Lyn Richards and Gilian Austin. Legends.


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