Posted by: Sian Musgrave | September 23, 2011

A hidden gem

Culver Hole has long been one of Gower’s best kept secrets.  This medieval dovecote is built into a cleft into the rocks near Overton, and is still home to feral pigeons and rock doves.  The inside walls have hundreds of small holes where the pigeons would nest and the steps leading up to them would enable people to catch the pigeons for meat and eggs.  Built for the lord of the manor, it was his very own coastal larder!

We’ve had some restoration work done on the masonry over the last couple of years, so every time I’m down there I have a look to make sure its all OK. Today the bottom entrance was revealed, so after a short crawl on the shingle I was in and looking up at the structure from inside the cave.  Awesome!


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