Posted by: Sian Musgrave | September 30, 2011

One man went to mow….

Today saw me at Pilton Green, where I was overseeing a contractor mowing the common.  The area is known to be home to the protected Great Crested Newt, so only approved licence holders can undertake works that might affect the protected species.  In practice this means I have to search the area for newts, and remove them to a place of safety before I let the tractor and mower begin.

We need to cut the common as it’s not grazed and the vegetation would just get out of hand.  We then bale it up and take it away for animal bedding, to let the flowers flourish and not get smothered by a build up of matted reeds and grass.

Its surprising what you find when searching the common – orchids, spiders and webs galore, hoppers, crickets, butterflies, lizards, voles and field mice to name but a few.  I didn’t find any great crested newts, but I did save a few lives today!


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