Posted by: Alan Kearsley-Evans | October 10, 2011

Winter work wander

After a morning spent fencing at Rhossili I headed off down to Nicholaston Burrows this afternoon to prepare some work for the winter. Nicholaston is a SSSI for its sand dune habitat and rare plants and so any work we do here has to be run past CCW for approval first.

The sand sunes at Nicholaston are absolutely covered in lichens and during the summer are ablaze with bright flowers such as bloody cranesbill and burnet rose. Over the winter we will be cutting back some of the trees that have started to grow on the dunes as they are smothering the many rare and beautiful plants that make Nicholaston special.

Meanwhile the great fungi and mushroom hunt of 2011 continues! Today I stumbled across a small clump of fairy clubs on Cefn Bryn and a couple of puffballs at Nicholaston. This puffball had already spread most of its spores which are so fine they rise from the fungi like brown smoke!



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