Posted by: Alan Kearsley-Evans | January 13, 2012

Enjoying The Perfect Morning

Fortune was smiling on me this week as I organised a meeting with local reporter (Chris Peregrine) who writes for the Evening Post. Cold crisp mornings have been in short supply so far in 2012 but as we met up at Rhossili this morning it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Chris had contacted me late last week to chat about the geo-caches on Rhossili down and as I have been stuck in my office (not literally) since New Year I jumped at the chance to show him what it’s all about.

After a quick photo on the slopes we pushed on to the top and were rewarded with the most spectacular views.

Look out for the article in the Evening Post and next time you are in the Rhossili area come and give Geo-caching a try. Geo-caching is essentially a treasure hunt but instead of a map you use a hand held GPS unit to guide you to an undisclosed location (all with a stunning view!).

The hand held GPS units are free to borrow from the National Trust shop and are simple to use and understand.



  1. I’ve been geocaching for about 2 years and have visited some beautiful places which I would never have known about before.The kids love it too!!

  2. Always, always wanted to try it (have even found caches by mistake!) but never really know how to go about it – the idea that I can borrow a unit is just p e r f e c t. Will be popping down to the NT shop very, very soon.

  3. Jane, try it! What’s good is that you don’t even need to buy an expensive gps unit if you decide you like it. You can get an app on your phone if you have an android or iphone!

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