Posted by: Sian Musgrave | January 23, 2012

Wild and windy Whiteford

A cold wind blew across Whiteford as I met colleagues from Countryside Council forWales and a contractor to look at the beach and dunes this morning.

The dunes have been moving around, some being lost at the front, and new spits and dunes being created elsewhere.  To try to understand what is happening, several people have been called in to give their advice and try to computer model the movement. 

Whilst they collect sand samples and take measurements, I marvel at the beauty around me – Whiteford seemed especially elemental today.

The wind has carved lovely sculptures in the sand, snail shells are found in a line in the bottom of a dune, oystercatchers are following the tide as it goes out, and the sun continues to shine on us through the clouds…..



  1. Hi Sian

    I was the walker that waved you a couple of times. I’m writing an interpretation guide to Gower for walkers that will be punlished by Cicerone. I also wrote the management plan for Whiteford in 1990 when Mel Davies was the CCW warden.

    All the best

    Andy Davies

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