Posted by: Alan Kearsley-Evans | February 9, 2012

Enchanted valley

I love Bishopston Valley, its official! It had been a while since I had had an opportunity to visit the wooded valley but yesterday I met with the Swansea council right of way team and CCW to discuss improving the footpath network and making this amazing place more accessible for everyone. The ancient woodland, moss covered rocks, caves, ruined buildings and a river that disappears underground make the valley feel like something from a Tolkein adventure!

Whilst walking through the valley I spotted a nest made of moss clinging to the edge of the rock. It is superbly camouflaged against the vegetation and although empty of life at the moment, i’ll keep an eye on it as spring arrives and let you know who moves in!



  1. Totally agree – gorgeous place, been often in the past but not for some time. Must do a StillWalk there soon.

  2. Love the mossy nest. The birdsong at Oxwich Woods at the weekend was incredible – like Spring.

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