Posted by: Alan Kearsley-Evans | March 23, 2012

Alive long after they are dead…

Taking a quick walk around Cwm Ivy yesterday I noticed just how many holes the woodpeckers have put into the trees in their destructive search for food. More often than not woodpeckers will focus on dead trees as they are excellent habitat for bugs such as beetle larvae.

In an undisturbed wood untouched by humans there would be many standing dead trees and the woodland floor would be littered with branches and fallen trees in varying stages of decay. Fallen branches soon start to crumble and rot and get covered in mosses and fungus.

The trees we felled for the new lodge were sold as timber; however there were many mis-shapen and undersized trees left over and, aided by our tireless volunteers, we have been logging and stacking the left over trees to create ‘habitat piles’.

So if you see a neat pile of logs in the woods take a look and see who lives their but leave them alone as hopefully they are home to hundreds of creatures!



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