Posted by: Sian Musgrave | March 25, 2012

The Lodge rises again!

For those of you who have been following us on a regular basis (if you’re not – why not?!) you will know that we have been rebuilding The Lodge, our volunteer accommodation at Cwm Ivy.

Well, following extensive works, including demolition, tree felling, mine sweeping, slab and brick laying, timber framing and corrugated iron painting, the Lodge has now been rebuilt and is open for bookings.  This was the culmination of a lot of planning, coordination (or is that multi-tasking) and downright hard work, not to mention moments of frenetic activity to get it all ready on time.

The Lodge was originally built in the 1920’s as a field laboratory by Captain Kinnersley, the owner of Whiteford Burrows.  He and his team planted the pine trees some of which we still see today, as an economic timber crop, as the land needed to earn its keep.  The National Trust bought the land in 1965 – the first ever purchase using the then newly formed Enterprise Neptune Appeal Fund for saving Britain’s coastline.

The Lodge was used by the Nature Conservancy Council (now Countryside Council for Wales) and National Trust as accommodation for its volunteers who came on ‘working holidays’ to help keep Gower special.  Over the years the Lodge was extended and upgraded, with electricity replacing the gas lamps and indoor toilets and  showers replacing the outside ‘tardis’.

After all this use, the Lodge was getting a little weary, and it was a sad day for all when the time came to shut the doors for the last time. However, its not the end of the story – planning permission was gained, funding applied for, and eventually, the brand new shiny Lodge has risen from the ashes of the old.

Yesterday we opened the doors for everyone to come and have a look around the new build – and judging by everyone’s positive comments its a rip roaring success!

We were very lucky to have such perfect weather and so many of you coming to have a look… even Dame Fiona Reynolds the Director General of NT came to have a nose around….

We are now taking bookings – see our facebook page for details of prices and how to book.

Finally – massive thanks to everyone who has been involved in the Lodge project, especially in the last stages to get the Lodge ready for use.

Long live the Lodge!


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