Posted by: Alan Kearsley-Evans | April 10, 2012

Spring Update…..

Sian and I were down at Overton Mere near Port Eynon last week to meet with the Wildlife Trust and discuss some pipe work that is nearing completion down near the beach. However whilst I was trying to concentrate on the matter in hand and make notes that would still make sense when I got back to the office I kept getting distracted by these amazing bees busily excavating in the soft cliff. The spot was carefully chosen no doubt because of the abundant nectar from the coastal flowers and warmed by the summer sun they were certainly making the most of the un-seasonal heat!

And not to be outdone; a stonechat decided to put on an impressive display perched on top of the flowering gorse and this blue butterfly posed beautifully whilst we passed!

Back to the office and a quick check on our pond and much to my relief it is rapidly looking less like a muddy hole and much more like a wildlife haven with every passing day – keep reading the blog for more pond updates….

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  1. Hello Alan
    We have loads of mining bees too even in the sand dunes. Will be interesting to see how many oil beetles we get this year – hoping to keep a count and submit results to Bug Life.
    Sarah – St Madoc Centre

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