Posted by: Sian Musgrave | April 12, 2012

Easter at Pennard

Last weekend was very busy at our car park at Pennard.  Our attendant, Beth, was happy to welcome lots more people into the area and let them know of the eggciting (sorry – I couldn’t resist!) things that were going on.  The weather was kind and the sun shone even if there was a keen edge to the wind.

Our Saturday group of volunteers were busy clearing the invasive plant cotoneaster from the cliffs, where it is smothering the native plants.  This hardy group meet once a month on a Saturday to undertake a variety of tasks led by Claire our Warden.  They were like mountain goats as they stripped the low growing shrub off the rocky outcrops and then burned it to ensure it didn’t spread its seeds.

We also had our annual Easter trail, usually held at Rhossili, but we thought we’d give Pennard a chance this year!   The Trail based on butterflies was very popular with people of all ages taking part.  Following a map to find clues hidden on the cliffs was great fun, and then deciphering the last clue to win a Cadburys chocolate Easter egg – the best part of the day for some!

Al and I went for a wander along the cliffs to look at Spring Flowers with those who had booked on our guided walk.  Although it is quite early, we were surprised by the amount of flowers that were out when you really had a good look.  The May blossom (Blackthorn), bluebells, violets and lesser celandines were all putting on a lovely show!

Thanks to all those who came to take part, plus staff and volunteers for helping us have a lovely day!

Oh and no chocolate passed our lips….. that day anyway!!


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