Posted by: Sian Musgrave | April 26, 2012

Time to get busy!

It’s that time of year when birds are busy nesting and producing young.  Blackbirds are generally the first of the season to produce fledglings, and this year is no exception.

When we bought our farm, we started a nest box scheme so that when we moved in the resident birds wouldn’t move out!

There was a large housemartin colony that used the farmhouse, and we knew that we would have to do work on the outside that would remove their old nests.  So a year or so before the works we put up artificial nests so that they could get used to them, and perhaps use them as replacements if they didn’t make new ones the next year.

Whilst we were doing the work we took the opportunity to encorporate some bird friendly features.  We’ve made holes in the eaves and boxed off an area inside the soffits entirely for the use of starlings and sparrows, put up a variety of nest boxes around the yard and in the barns, and left old trees with holes in them used by starlings in the garden. We’ve also got some mud around for the housemartins to use, and with the bigger pond there should be plenty of insects for them to feed on.

Much to my amusement the other day a sparrow with a somewhat large twig was trying desperately to get it through the entrance hole and failing dismally!  He ended up swapping it for a smaller one that did fit!

Looking around now, it is surprising just how many signs of nesting you can see tucked away.

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  1. The birds have been desperately looking for places in our eaves to build nests as well but we dare not assist as it is a cat hotspot.

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