Posted by: Alan Kearsley-Evans | May 17, 2012

They’re Back!

They have in fact been back (on the wing) for a few weeks now but finally the  housemartins of South Pilton Green Farm are taking up residence!

The eves of the farmhouse used to be a busy place for nesting housemartins but when we had to have the buildings re-roofed the old nest sights were damaged. Obviously mortified that we had disturbed the nest sites we installed a very smart series of artificial nests, crossed our fingers and hoped the birds would return.

Well after deliberating long and hard over which nest box they should move in to they finally decided on a self build; and after all the rain there is no shortage of mud for them to get building with!

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  1. Nice one. We have Blue Tits nesting in a partially rotted fence post at the moment. look in the top and you can see her sitting on the eggs halfway down, nevermind the crash of the gate every time we close it. She doesn’t seem to mind! Looking forward to our Dawn Chorus walk on saturday at 5.30am.

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