Posted by: Claire Hannington | November 2, 2012

On Time October

It’s only two days into November and I’m getting October’s volunteering summary posted. Woohoo! Target for this coming month is to remember to take my camera out and take some pictures of volunteers at work!

So October started with us nearly being blown off Pennard Cliffs whilst clearing the bracken and gorse from High Pennard Hillfort, one of several archaeological sites we clear scrub from annually. Bishopston Valley Hillfort was also rediscovered, firstly by the Saturday Volunteering Group and then by our regular weekday volunteers. The growing season had been tremendous up there this year and it is taking some effoert to clear it. A couple more days this month and we should be done.

Small scale jobs also got done with repairs to gates, posts, clearing ivy from the inside(!) of the barn at our base, and filling in potholes on a couple of tracks. The amount of rain we have had this year has just washed so much away.

We also spent a day at Aberdulais Falls helping to dig out two massive tree stumps in the middle of the footpaths around the site. Success came with one stump being ceremoniously lifted out the ground. A bit more work will be needed on the other one..

The end of the month saw 40 students from Morriston Comprehensive School descend on Hunts Bay, Pennard to help clear the litter from the beach and cut the burnt gorse from the slopes following the huge fire we had there earlier this year. Judging by the black and tired faces that went back to the school that afternoon – they all worked hard and had a great time. Hopefully they will be coming out again next year.

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