Posted by: Claire Hannington | December 19, 2012

Dark December…

This is getting silly – but i’m getting this blog out early as tomorrow is my last day in the office for 2012!

It’s dark driving to work, it’s dark driving home from work. It’s dark in our workshop all day but hopefully not for long as the electricians are in, installing some lighting so we might just be able to see the tools we are looking for to go out and do the essential work on our sites.

December began at Bovehill with the Saturday group clearing scrub and cotoneaster. We had an excellent turn out and cleared a huge area.

The weekday volunteers have installed a couple of memorial benches, and cleared cotoneaster at Pennard. We also spent a week at the Lodge undertaken essential maintenance and a bit of a winter (spring) clean. We can’t believe it will have been open a year in March!

Kathryn and myself worked with a group of school kids from Olchfa and they cleared a whole trailer load of litter from 3 Cliffs Bay. They also cleared some scrub from Notthill to open up the view from one of the benches.

Today was spent splitting logs which will be delivered to all our holiday cottages tomorrow to make sure everyone is toastie for the xmas holidays.

So its goodbye to 2012 – and I will be back in on the 4th January getting ready for the Saturday group on the 5th doing some fencing here at our farm at Pilton Green.

Happy Christmas and New Year!

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