Posted by: KimBoland | June 5, 2013

Calling all Gower Adventurers! Here’s June’s #50Things Challenge…

Calling all Gower Adventurers!…

So, how did you all get on with May’s challenge?  We hope you had fun and we’d love to hear how you got on.

You can post your photos on our facebook page

or tweet us @GowerNT

So, for June’s challenges, here’s Kathryn, our Ranger ….

Again, we’ve got 3 separate adventures …

  • A ‘Perfect Day to be Out & About’ Challenge
  • A ‘Quick & Easy’ Challenge
  • A ‘Special’ Challenge

June’s ‘perfect day to be out and about’ challenge is … Make a Daisy Chain

16 John MillarNow, there are some rare flowers out there, that are great to enjoy in the countryside, but shouldn’t be picked.

But daisies don’t mind being picked as it makes them grow even more flowers!

You won’t have to go far to find daisies. You may have some in the garden.

Pick daisies with nice long thick stems so you can make a slit in the stem, open the slit and thread another daisy through. Then put a slit in that daisy and repeat… and repeat.

Pick a warm sunny day to just chill out, lie back on the grass and enjoy!

June’s ‘Quick and Easy Challenge’ is …. Skim a stone.  All you need is a stone and some flat water like a pond, lake or the sea.

347%2F886%2FNationalTrustEliteRangers_6_thumb_460x0Have a couple of tries with different shaped stones to see what works best.

Generally smooth flat rounded stones work best.

Try to throw your stone low across the surface of the water and if you get it just right it will bounce and skip.

Watch our stone skimming film here ….

And finally our ‘Special Challenge’ for June is … Set up a snail race.


To see how we did it here on Gower at our Cwm Ivy Lodge Bunkhouse.Check out our snail race video here …

Have Fun!

Kathryn x


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