Posted by: KimBoland | July 17, 2013

Rise in temperatures bring a huge rise in litter

I’m sure there are lots of you who are thoroughly enjoying this wonderful UK summer weather we’ve been having lately.

With people flocking to our Gower beaches, whether its to relax with a good book, go rock pooling with the kids, or surf the waves, its great to see the increase in visitor numbers this weather has brought.

Most visitors do respect the coast and countryside and take their litter home with them, but sadly there’s still a small number who will leave litter, irrespective of whether bins are provided or not.


Litter at Rhossili beach

Over the past two weeks we’ve held several litter picks on our beaches with volunteers and school groups, totalling over 300 people helping us with this ongoing litter problem.  This equates to over 1000 volunteer hours, and the amount of litter collected has been appalling.


Gowerton School Litter Pick
Photograph by Dimitris Legakis

Whilst some of this litter is tidal waste, from fishing industry and sewage treatment, at this time of year it is fair to say the majority of litter left on our beaches is left by visitors.

Last Sunday, following complaints about the litter at Three Cliffs, we came out and litter picked the area jointly with the council’s AONB Ranger.  And next Monday evening, 22nd July, we will be holding yet another organised litter pick of the area.

As a charity, with just two rangers looking after three quarters of the coastline of Gower, the National Trust are unable to provide bins on our beaches as we do not have the resources to empty them, or dispose of the volume of waste.  We have to pay over £200 for each skip we fill with rubbish, and at this time of year, a skip can fill up in just a week.

Just yesterday, Kathryn one of our Rangers was on BBC Radio Wales talking about this increasing litter problem.  Click here to listen to the interview (forward to 12 minutes into the programme)

We therefore urge all visitors to take their litter home – if you can carry it down the beach, then please carry it back.

We’ve got some amazing, award winning beaches here on Gower, so please help us keep Gower special.

We regularly post details of organised litter picks and other events on our facebook page and twitter, so please do check us out. Or, if you’d like to know more about how you can help, please email us on



  1. I do my best with StillWalks to engender appreciation of our countryside and responsibility for it and to it.

  2. Hats-off to the Gower team for a fantastic effort. Sad that it has to be done, but if it helps youngsters learn about looking after our coast and countryside then good will have come from it.

  3. It makes me want to scream!!! It just takes a second to dispose of your trash. Thanks for sharing that.

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