Posted by: Claire Hannington | September 3, 2013

August Affairs

August started with our tenant farmers cows taking a bit of a liking to the lovely apple trees in our orchard, despite the hefty tree guards we had installed – a day of repairs and strengthening saved the trees just in time.

The Saturday group had a gloriously sunny day (again!) clearing the ragwort from the Warren at Rhossili. It’s amazing how much you can get through in a few hours with so many people. The task was continued by our weekday volunteers and the job completed. It’s really been like having a human ragwort munching machine this year as we have been fortunate to have so many volunteers this summer. Our new tenant farmer has already been able to cut some hay from the fields so it’s exciting times ahead for the Warren to see how it develops next year.

We also visited one of our more remote locations to undertake some litterpicking. Lucas bay near Oxwich Point is rather difficult to get to so doesn’t get cleaned very often. But with the help of a couple of wheelbarrows (and the volunteers!) we spent a second day there and cleared all the litter.

With some overnight rain and rather strong winds we had a couple of large trees come down across the path in Bishopston Valley. We managed to clear these and are now also working on clearing trees from the river itself as well as overhanging branches along the footpaths. This is going to take several days so we will doing that over the next couple of months. Watch out for me in my bright orange waders waddling through the valley!

We spent a day on the north side of Gower at Cwm Ivy clearing around the top gate, rebuilding the money box cairn, and replacing the gate onto the beach.

We also did a rather impromptu litterpick on Rhossili Beach very early on a Friday morning for some filming. Our volunteers were absolutely amazing in coming out at such a time at such short notice….

We welcomed a new volunteer from Spain for a week – who stayed in our flat at Rhossili. She did admit she could have looked at the view all day, but instead came out with us to help clear Notthill of bracken and bramble and enjoyed the Walk to the Worm led by Kathryn.

The last day of the month saw our volunteers help man our 50 things Woodland Fun Day at Cwm Ivy. Lots of families came and enjoyed the activites with bird boxes and bug homes being made along with some excellent clay creations and some campfire cooking taking place. The weather again was kind and we had a great day.

And did I mention we did some filming……On Rhossili Beach…litterpicking…check out last Sundays (1st September) episode of Countryfile to see our volunteers and me in action!

That’s it for this month …I’m off to meet my public…well home for tea anyway!!

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  1. I think it’s just amazing how much you and the team do! Well done!

    Love Barbara

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Hi Claire,
    We did see you on Countryfile picking up an amazing amount of litter. How can people be so unaware or uncaring of what they are doing when they trash such a heavenley place? Well done to your team of selfless, public minded litter pickers.
    I am writing this while basking in the sun overlooking Woolacombe bay. The whole time I was watching countryfile I was waiting, praying, pleading with the reporter to mention the 240 white elephants not in the room but soon to be in our wonderful Bristol channel if we aren’t successful in stopping it.
    Kind regards,
    Corinne Bertrand

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