Posted by: KimBoland | September 24, 2013

Stand by for September’s 50 Things Challenge! …..

Hope you’ve had an amazing summer!  Did you get out adventuring?  We’d love to hear all about your “50 Things” fun.50W_orange_verticalDid you know you can post your photos on our facebook page or tweet us @GowerNT

Again I’ve looked at my “50 Things To Do Before You’re 11 3/4″scrapbook and I’ve picked out three that would be good to do on Gower (or anywhere outside) this month.

So here are September’s outdoor activities for:

  • A Perfect Day to be Out & About’ Challenge
  • A Quick & Easy Challenge
  • A Special Challenge

September’s perfect day to be out and about Challenge is ..…  No. 42 Go swimming in the sea.

A girl in a blue bathing suit, jumping up and down in the surf, on a Northumbrian beachIts starting to feel at bit autumnal now, but the sea is actually at its hottest at this time of year, so why not make the most of it, before it gets too cold!

But stay safe, make sure people know where you are and don’t get out of your depth.

September’s Quick and Easy Challenge is a childhood favourite …..  No. 10 Play Conkers

Children on a bench playing conkers at Stourhead, Wiltshire, in autumnConkers are really beautiful if you take a closer look  – but enough of that, let’s prepare for battle! You’ll find lots of spiky round green cases on the ground by horse chestnut trees and inside is your ammunition – a glossy brown conker.

Get a grownup to put a hole through the middle of your conkers and then thread a piece of string through and tie a big knot in one end so it won’t pull all the way through.

Hold up your conker  by it’s string, while your friend has a go at hitting it by swinging their conker on it’s string. If you miss swap over and if you hit the conker you have another go until you miss or until the conker breaks and falls off it’s string.

Top tip …. The conkers that sink in water will work better.

And finally our Special Challenge for September is ……  No.43 Build a raft

b&b 002Not a big one- just one big enough for a doll/action figure.

Collect materials that float. Try wood, plastics, corks.and tie them together with string to make a raft. 

Then put on your wellies and find some shallow water launch it on. You could even give it a sail to get it moving.

There’s lots more fun activities to try in the 50 Things scrap book.

Swansea-20130924-01087If you came along to one of our Family Woodland Fun Days this summer you will already have a 50 Things scrap book, but if not, you can collect one at our National Trust Shop & Visitor Centre in Rhossili.

Good luck with your awesome antics!



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