Posted by: KimBoland | October 3, 2013

Are you ready for some autumn fun? Stand by for October’s 50 Things ….

The weathers getting colder and the night’s are drawing in. Does this stop us going out to explore? NO, not on your nelly!

This month’s suggestions fit in with National Apple Day and Halloween.

October’s ‘Perfect day to be out and about’ challenge is …. No. 9 Eat an apple off a tree.

8 John Millar

Sunday 6th October is National Apple Day, so why not celebrate by looking out for an event near you. Or you could just find an apple tree near you, reach up, pick an apple and … bite! Apples are very good for you, but ask before you pinch an apple from someone’s garden, otherwise its known as ‘scrumping’ (pinching apples, a mischievous pastime for naughty school children in the past)


October’s ‘Quick and Easy’ Challenge is … No. 30 Hold a scary beast 

There’s lots of scary things happening at the end of October as we go Halloween crazy, but you can start any time you like by looking for scary creatures to hold.

What are you scared of? Spiders? Slugs? I don’t like rats. Most people are scared of something, but if you are brave enough to hold that creature and take a closer look, you’ll realise it’s not so scary. You might even be impressed with how it’s adapted for the life it leads.

Watch some examples here, then have a go yourselves!

And finally, our ‘Special’ Challenge for October is …… No.40 Go on a nature walk at night.

Wrap up warm, take a torch for emergencies and go for a walk outside.

Every thing changes at night whether you’re out in the countryside or just in the garden.

Because it’s quieter at night, you might hear nocturnal animals (animals that are awake at night) moving in the undergrowth or owls hooting.

Keep as quiet as you can and let your eyes get used to the dark. Only use your torch if you really need to and then you won’t scare off the wildlife.  You might see mice, bats, hedgehogs, toads, badgers, or owls.  Even the air smells different at night.   Give it a try.. it’s a different world out there after dark.  Watch our night time nature walk here …. 

Don’t forget to tweet us,  or post your photos, or tell us about your adventures on our facebook wall.

There’s lots more fun activities to try in the 50 Things scrap book.

Good luck, and have fun!



  1. Don’t forget the “catch a falling leaf” activity! Plenty of opportunities today!!!

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