Posted by: Claire Hannington | November 1, 2013

October Ongoings

The nights are certainly drawing in – its getting dark already, or maybe that’s because it’s raining. We have had our fair share this month but luckily missed out on St Jude’s gusty advance across the country.

We started the month with 42 students from Morriston Comprehensive School litterpicking Rhossili Beach. They started at Llangennith and cleared over half way. Employees from Barclays then came out for two days and finished the rest of the beach as well as making a start on Whiteford, which was finished by the Saturday group. That’s about it for litterpicks this year. The high tides brought in more than just litter with a rather large seal carcass that got wedged in the gully at Mewslade. The enforced removal was certainly an interesting way for our new full time volunteer Emma to get stuck into her new role on Gower. Let’s just say it had to be removed in pieces! Emma has been with us a couple of weeks now and will introduce herself next week.

I enjoyed a rather nice week off but the volunteers kept busy clearing the burnt gorse at Mewslade, and making a start on the winter scrub clearance at Bovehill. We are going to make a concerted effort with this site this winter and hopefully be able to graze it in future to keep the vegetation under control.

We had two groups out from Virgin Media. On an amazingly sunny warm day they cleared a huge area of the gorse at Mewslade, whilst the following week on a slightly damper day the secong group put in an outstanding 50 posts worth of fencing at our farm.  We will be finishing that with our Working Holiday group next week.

We spent a day tidying up the garden of Burrows Cottage, one of our holiday cottages, along with splitting some logs ready for winter. We need a few more days doing that in order to fill up our log stores.

Students from the American School in London came for a visit again, this time staying in Port Einon. They cleared cotoneaster and litter from Port Einon Point and enjoyed s’mores on the bonfire at the end of the day.

Staff and volunteers all gathered at the Lodge last Monday to say a fond farewell to Roni, our administrator who has retired. We may not be seeing her in the office anymore but will definitely be calling in for a cuppa when we pass her house! Long may she make us all keep smiling!

This week we spent a couple of days in Bishopston Valley clearing the river and footpaths. The river is now clear of debris and blockages which is a good thing as its getting a bit darn cold to go jumping in! There are a couple of trees blocking some paths still but I hope to clear them next week. And we spent yesterday trying to take down a wall which we will be replacing with some fencing by the path to Rhossili Beach. There was an old money box in the wall that I haven’t been able to open all year. So the only way was to take the wall down. All I can say is whoever built it did a good job – to be continued next week!

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  1. wow, all this alliteration must be hard work!

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