Posted by: Claire Hannington | January 31, 2014

Sticks and Stones

Today is definitely an office day, and we are even debating wether to cancel the Saturday Group tomorrow. Our volunteers are a hardy breed but we do have our limits.

January got off to a dry start despite the forecast and we enjoyed a day at Penmaen Common clearing gorse and rhododendron. We also started to clear a growing patch of snowberry (thanks to vols for their ID skills on that one). Its another invasive garden escapee and although not a notifiable plant it was time to remove it before it spreads any further.

Penmaen Rhodie

We have been continung with our efforts to remove burnt gorse from below the Lookout at Rhossili and also on the cliffs overlooking Mewslade. We have had a group of students out from Coleg Sir Gar on Mondays as part of their BTEC course in Outdoor Recreation and they spent last Monday clearing and burning. They have also spent a day at Cwm Ivy log splitting, pine pulling and fencing. They have another 5 weeks to go with plenty more activities lined up.

Pine clearing at Cwm Ivy

Pine clearing at Cwm Ivy

Above Mewslade valley

Above Mewslade valley

We have spent a bit of time repairing some of the dry stone wall along Rhossili Cliffs with the weekday volunteers along with more work at our farm hedgelaying and tree planting. It really is starting to come together now.

photo 2

We managed to get down to Pwll Du to empty the litter bin – the area has been under water for several weeks. As with everywhere the high tides and storms have brought in a lot of litter onto our beaches, and once this weekend is over we will look at starting to try and clear it up. It is difficult to know where to begin. Steve Lancey of Kick Start brought a group down and cleared the plastic from Rhossili Beach. We are waiting on the Council to rebuild the access to the beach as the steps were totally washed away in the high tides, followed by a large slump which made the news.

Kathryn, Emma and Dave have spent this week rebuilding the money box cairn at the top of the beach path – easier to do when there aren’t so many people about. Will get a photo of it when it is completed in next months blog.

We cleared some more scrub along the side of the road at Pennard, following on from last months Saturday group work,  to allow a better line of sight for motorists and pedestrians.

And I have just made the executive decision to cancel tomorrows work party. The yellow warning from the Met Office for wind, rain and ice has just about convinced me its the right thing to do.  Have a nice weekend 🙂


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