Posted by: Claire Hannington | February 28, 2014

Logs and litter

Well I woke up on Saturday 1st February and it was dry! Having cancelled the Saturday group I felt a bit guilty but it soon became rather wet and windy –  justification was granted.

So my first day out of the month was with the Coleg Sir Gar students on the Monday when we went litterpicking on Rhossili beach. As with everywhere the storms have brought a huge amount of litter in onto the beaches, so we will try and get around as many of them as we can before Easter.  With our weekday volunteers we started at Pwll Du and Hunts Bay. 1 mile down, 25 to go!

Clearing litter - and my dog enjoying the beach!

Clearing litter – and my dog enjoying the beach!

Pwll Du Coffee Break (Vyron Evans)

Pwll Du Coffee Break (Vyron Evans)

We spent a day on our farm doing some more hedgelaying, and by the end of next week we will have done all of the sections required to do this year.  Another day was spent clearing more of the burnt gorse at Mewslade, a task which the Saturday group will be continuing with tomorrow. The sun is shining and we won’t be cancelling!

A couple of days have been taken up in Bishopston Valley finishing off this years coppicing. Myself and Kathryn spent the time down there with chainsaws clearing up fallen/damaged trees following the storms. For some reason they always have a habit of going into the river – luckily we have volunteers who don’t mind jumping in and clearing it out. We do provide waders I hasten to add!

Len up to his waist in it! (David Jefferson)

Len up to his waist in it! (David Jefferson)

Coleg Sir Gar came out again and this time cleared an area of gorse on Rhossili Down. It was a windy old day and we were trying to dispose of the cuttings downhill, but the wind kept blowing it back up. We will be going again soon to finish off and tidy up the area.

Coleg Sir Gar

Coleg Sir Gar

We had an Employee Volunteering group come and join us for the day from the Halifax in Llanelli. It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous spring day and we had a great time clearing gorse at Foxhole, Pennard. There is a large amount of cotoneaster in the area that later in the year contractors will be coming in to spray to eradicate it. We are clearing areas of gorse to allow the contractors access to the invasive species.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get a fire going to burn the cut gorse but we certainly didn’t need it to keep us warm.

The halifax team

The halifax team

This week has seen a lot of dead birds washed up on all our beaches, a very sad sight indeed. It seems they have not faired well with the stormy conditions. We had to collect over 200 of them from Rhossili Beach. Whilst down there we did notice some unusual posts that have now been exposed as the sand level has dropped. Relics from World War Two.

Anti tank anchor points on Rhossili Beach

Anti tank anchor points on Rhossili Beach

And as another month draws to a close I’m going to leave you with a little teaser.

What are our volunteers up to in the next photo? Answers on a postcard please!

What are they doing?

What are they doing?




  1. Caber tossing?

    Love Barbara

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  2. Looks like they are tree huggers – listening for the sap rising up the beech trees.

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