Posted by: KimBoland | June 25, 2014

The journey of the Litter Lout …

Day 1, Saturday 21st June 2014

On a glorious morning in Rhossili, a small but enthusiastic group of National Trust rangers and volunteers gathered to begin planning the build of the NT Gower entry into the Mumbles Raft Race …

The idea was conceived by one of the regular volunteers, John Jenkins, who thought it would be an ideal opportunity to highlight the issue of litter being washed up or left on our beaches from all different sources. Every year, NT volunteers remove 100’s of tonnes of litter from our beaches on Gower, ranging from plastic bottles and packaging left on the beach by visitors, to nets, ropes and gloves from the fishing industry.


The team will be building the raft primarily out of materials that are found on the coastline around South Wales. The National Trust have agreed to sponsor the entry by providing the entrance fee for the event. Now the team is hunting for the components of the raft.  The hit list includes:

  • Large plastic drums (free of toxic residues!) with lids
  • Buoys
  • Other flotation devices or buoyant items
  • Plastic bottles with lids
  • Rope
  • Footballs

The plan is to decorate the raft with any rubbish items that would not be useful in the structure of the raft, such as fishing net, fisherman’s gloves, plastic bottles, driftwood, plastic bags, and poo bags (filled with sand, not the smelly stuff!)  The team will be in fancy dress, carrying on the theme of rubbish.

‘Litter Lout’s’  builders are aiming to make her maiden voyage at the Festival of Tides at Penclawdd on 12th July.  Not much time you might think, but with good planning and a bit of dedication, anything is possible.


Over the next week, the team will begin the design and build of the craft. The challenge will be to gather enough buoyant materials to make her seaworthy.  A number of items have already been collected and is a fantastic start.

If you have the time to spare and would like to get involved, whether in the building of the raft or in collection of materials from the beach, please get in touch with John Jenkins on 01792 390734 / 07765 216980 / or

To follow the journey of the Litter Lout from conception to the sea, we will be regularly blogging its progress, so watch this space!

Ship ahoy!!




  1. Maiden voyage? Midden voyage more like.

  2. Brilliant idea.

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