Posted by: Claire Hannington | June 30, 2014

Walking, weeding and wildlife

Having just made a list of everything we got up to in June I don’t know how we fitted it all in.

We started the month at Whiteford removing the remains of the log tracks we put in a few years ago to ease access over an area of soft sand. The logs  had become rotten and are no longer required as the area has become a bit firmer. The following day saw us repairing the potholes in our own track here at the farm, along with some tidying up around the yard and holiday cottage garden. Everything is just growing so quickly this year.

We welcomed Kirsteen into the team, as our new Full Time Volunteer Ranger, and a week later Rhydian joined us too. You can find out about them here.

The Saturday group spent the day at our Farm replacing some fencing between us and our neighbours. We had a fun day ripping out the old fencing, but putting in the new posts was hard work. But with a lot of drivall-ing, and maybe the odd laugh, we got them in!

Nigel and Rob... 1...2...

Nigel and Rob… 1…2…




















photo 1

On the night before we held our annual volunteer BBQ – a chance for everyone to get together, chill out and enjoy the evening. We had a great time at the Lodge and want to thank each and everyone one of our volunteers for what they do. We just wouldn’t function without you.


We also saw the start of the Gower Walking Festival that weekend, celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Kim and Kathryn gots the Trust’s involvement underway with a family trail at Cwm Ivy.

On Sunday evening I was at the Lodge again, meeting our new group of Working Holiday participants. They were here for a week  ‘refreshing Rhossili’. They started by clearing the vegetation along the beach path and in the afternoon litterpicked the beach.

Clearing the beach path ditch

Clearing the beach path ditch


Many hands clear lots of bracken

Many hands clear lots of bracken












The following day saw us join forces with the Tuesday volunteers to clear bracken on the Warren. Its starting to look really good down there, on our way to making it more a traditional haymeadow. We’ve been searching for signs of the normally phenomenal amounts of ragwort we find there but perhaps our last couple of years of effort are finallypaying off. Or have I just spoken too soon……will let you know next month…

The next day saw my first walk of the Walking festival, leading the infamous Walk to the Worm. The working holiday group also came along so we hot footed it between the tides. It was a glorious day and we were able to watch the sea birds flying in and out feeding their chicks on the Outer Head.

Thursday of that week saw our regular volunteers back down the Warren, whilst I introduced the working holiday group to some dry stone walling. We had to dismantle quite a lot of unsturdy wall but managed to start to rebuild it in the afternoon.

Getting to grips with dry stone walling

Getting to grips with dry stone walling

The working holiday departed on the Friday, I met up with a new voluntary warden, and took Kirsteen and Rhydian on a site visit to the new bird hide. It’s all finished now and looks fantastic. Try and take a trip out there if you can to see for yourself!

It was walks galore the next week for the Gower Walking Festival (GWF) as I led 4 walks with the help of some our volunteers as backmarkers. We had a walk at Cwm Ivy, one at our farm at Pilton Green, a geocaching walk up Rhossili Down and also the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the 10th anniversary of the GWF, on a trip around the Vile. Inbetween all these we cleared the footpaths at Cwm Ivy, finished the fencing on the farm, and also finished building our new log store.

Our new log store

How many volunteers could we fit in here on a wet day?


This month we’ve also emptied the bin at Pwll Du; cleared fallen trees in Bishopston Valley and on Port Einon Point;  litterpicked several beaches (with still more to do); cleared the Warren of thistles and more bracken; and to round it all off we had a second Working Holiday group in, this time for a weekend to help out at our ’50 things’ Wildlife Day.

The forecast for the day was horrible so we didn’t quite get as many people as we have had before, but it turned out to be a cracking day and those that came enjoyed immensely. We will be holding another one on August 30th so ignore the forecast (we should know by now!) and come along and join in the fun.

The working Holiday group then spent the Sunday morning (yesterday) litterpicking on Whiteford Beach, before lunch at the Lodge and heading home.

As you can see its been a busy June, but the sun shone 🙂 Im off for the second half of July on my holidays but I’m sure Kathryn will be just as busy with the volunteers and we can both tell you what went on here at the end of next month.

Til then..










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