Posted by: KimBoland | July 9, 2014

Journey of the Litter Lout – Day 15

Journey of the Litter Lout …

Day 15, Sunday 7th July 2014

The team has been working steadily over the last couple of weeks – designing, planning, collecting supplies and happily building the craft.

There have been various challenges to overcome along the way; the main being to ensure a sturdy craft that is also buoyant and manoeuvrable​

​​​​​​​​​Obvious maybe, but following many discussions, drawings and trial and error, a solution has been found and building is well under way.

The main hull has been constructed and now it is time to build the other supporting parts of the structure, the outrigger (oh yes!), plus the rudder, flag poles and other elements. Paddles are already done and how fine they are!



The Litter Lout will hopefully be taking her maiden voyage on Wednesday this week, so that her shipmates can assess her seaworthiness before the Festival of Tides on the weekend.

Watch this space for reports on her test run! In the meantime, here are some images of the team and a sneak peak at the raft and her adornments to whet your appetite.

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Gower NT Team

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