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Journey of the Litter Lout – The Day of Reckoning – 12th July 2014

The Day of Reckoning 12th July 2014 – Journey of the Litter Lout


So, if you have been following our updates with intrigue, you are probably wondering whether she made her test run and consequently maiden voyage at the Festival of Tides in one piece. Well read on…


Rewind to a sunny Wednesday evening in North Gower where a hopeful group of sea rats gathered to test out the beautiful craft. Having brought her down to the water at Whiteford, the team nervously bolted the hull sections together and carried her out to the water, paddles and bail out gear in hand! In the silty shallows, the crew tentatively paddled their way out towards the glistening open waters.


Well, attempted to at least, because about 20ft out she capsized! After recovering from the hilarity of the situation and not to be defeated, the crew regrouped and tried again, only for the Litter Lout to succumb to the sea once more!



The walk back was a muddy slog (one of the crew nearly getting swallowed by the quicksand), but the team brought her back to safety and examined the damage (to their egos more than the craft). After brief discussion, the crew knew what needed to be done in time for the day of reckoning in 48 hours!


Modifications made, Litter Lout was adorned with junk collected from the beaches, an important message from NT Gower, and the iconic oak leaf logo, then deposited at Penclawdd on the Friday night in preparation for the big day, where the Loughor Inshore Lifeboat took care to secure her out in the open waters ready for race day.


start line

At 17:30 that Saturday evening, the crew positioned in trepidation at the banks of the Loughor estuary to await boarding instructions from the organisers. After clambering down the sea wall, through the grassy banks and on board the mighty Litter Lout, the crew were ready and rearing to go. With a blast from the starting horn, the onlookers shouted their support and the raft race commenced, with seven teams paddling for a taste of victory.



In the engineering stakes, the rafts ranged from a masterpiece of metal and plastic barrels, to a block of polystyrene sheets covered in plastic wrap and steered by standing badgers!


The Litter Lout meandered her way up the pill towards the finish line, taking in water and going off course a little, pelted by water bombs, but getting to the finish line without going under and was not the last one in! The crowd cheered her in and a trusty group of NT supporters were there to greet the crew.


The Litter Lout may not have been the fastest, watertight or sleekest vessel on the sea, but she did not do a bad job and picked up the prize for the Best Dressed Raft. She did the team proud!!



Onwards now to the RNLI Mumbles Raft Race on 10th August! There is some more work to be done, but the team is confident that Litter Lout can once again hold her own in the open waters in Mumbles. Next thing to sort out is the costume and war song in preparation. Watch this space for more updates…


 NT Gower Team



  1. Excellent effort.. But will any of Joe Public understand the message ? !!

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