Posted by: KimBoland | July 21, 2014

Our new bird hide

At the far end of Gower’s North coast, Whiteford Burrows is tranquil and timeless.


It sits on the edge of the Loughor Estuary, which has more designations than I care to mention for its habitats and birdlife.


Where better to take some time out and watch the wildlife, and you can now do this in the comfort of our new bird hide.



The old bird hide, provided in memory of Sir William Wilkinson by friends, has been located at Berges Island since 2000. It has withstood all the elements have thrown at it, in an exposed site. However time has taken it’s toll and timbers were starting to rot.


The new bird hide has been made possible by a legacy from SC John, who wanted the money to go towards work on Gower.


Inside the hide are beautiful illustrated panels of birds you are likely to see in the area.  These panels are the work of welsh artist Myke Taylor, and made possible from a donation from the Abertawe Centre. Examples of the illustrations can be seen here …


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was about a month’s work for Andy Roberts to build the hide – a man who obviously takes a great pride in his work.


The new hide is bigger with more windows and has a ramp for easier access.


It also boasts a turf roof – can you spot it?
Bird Hide Roof

Bird Hide Roof

Thank you to all who contributed to this project and we hope the hide will be enjoyed for many years to come.


  1. Wonderful. Well done all.

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