Posted by: Claire Hannington | August 1, 2014

Vegetation, Vegetation, Vegetation

I don’t know If I am qualified to write this as I was on leave for 2 and 1/2 weeks but I have it on good authority what went on so here goes.

We started our annual clearance of ragwort from Pennard Cliffs. Whilst there we also relocated a bench that had become a little bit of a pedestal due to the erosion of the sand around it. Once relocated to a more appropriate height we then redid the stone pitching around it to hopefully prevent future erosion. Whilst there we made the most of a splendid spot for lunch! photo 4

Talking of lunches we had a rather different day on the Warren, at Rhossili where we watched the storm clouds gather over the estuary and were enthralled by the development of a tornado which actually hit the sea and picked up a chute of water!

photo 3photo 1


The Saturday group also spent a day on the Warren, clearing bracken from the top field. No tornado’s but a beautiful summers day.

We have cleared a lot more bracken than previous years so hopefully we can start to make an impact on it. Our tenant farmer has now mowed the fields for hay – its all leading the way for our vision of haymeadows on the Warren.

Some of our regular volunteers and Kathryn joined Corrine from Ceredigion on 2 days of  flower identification and monitoring on Cwm Ivy Tor. This area of limestone grassland is one of our great success stories as far as bracken control goes with the resulting influx of wild flowers. For those not so flower orienatated a day was spent splitting logs with our new log store filling up nicely.

Kirsteen and Rhydian have been out and about getting on with all sorts of tasks. Ditch clearing, bracken control, mowing Kittle Green, dry stone walling, log splitting and collecting litter. They have both settled in really well and are a valuable part of the team, enabling us to do the essentials and a bit more as an added bonus.

We have had a couple of school groups out undertaking their end of term litterpicks. Both Gowerton and Birchgrove made a huge impact, not only with the sheer numbers of pupils but with the litter collected as well.


A group from HSBC in Swansea also joined us for ragwort pulling at Pennard and we had a work experience pupil Cara who had a varied week from moving stones, clearing vegetation to raft building – more from the raft building team next week before the big race!

Having returned from my holidays this week we have cleared bracken and scrub at Notthill, finished building a new section of fence on our farm at SPG, and had rather a soaking clearing the Church, Burial Chamber and Ringwork at Penmaen Burrows.  One minute we were overlooking Three Cliffs Bay, the next it disappeared into the misty rain. Oh well – did the garden a world of good!

On that note I’m off. Off to the Lodge, Cwm Ivy for the weekend to celebrate my 40th birthday tomorrow!







  1. Happy 40th birthday for the 2nd Claire

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