Posted by: KimBoland | August 7, 2014

Journey of the Litter Lout, T minus 5, Tuesday 5th August 2014

With just five days to go until the RNLI Mumbles Raft Race, it is time to give an update on the Litter Lout’s journey since The Festival of Tides.


While the team was able to stay afloat and complete the race, some modifications were needed to make her an even better prospect at sea.


The raft was remodelled to improve stability, take off some weight and minimise drag. She is now slightly wider and more robust, taking on more of a traditional ‘raft’ style appearance, the outriggers are gone and the rudder abandoned. The crew took the remodelled vessel out onto the water at Penclawdd for testing and are happy to report the efforts were successful!



Newly furnished with her name, crew tags, oh, and big teeth and eyes, the newly made-up Litter Lout is a scary sea creature to be reckoned with. While the team does not expect to win the big race (but will make every effort to!), they are hoping to strike fear into the heart of anyone who decides to throw water bombs at them; the team has something up their sleeve!


Not to forget the purpose of the NT entry to the race, there will be a banner relaying the message about coastal litter and she will be ‘decorated’ with some of this to show visitors what is found on the beaches around Gower.


Everyone is hoping that Hurricane Bertha is not going to spoil events on Sunday.


Please come along to support the team and cheer us on to the finish line!


NT Gower Team


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  1. Good luck. Will be there to see the remodelled version and cheer you on.

  2. Fab fab. Will be there to cheer you on!! Hil

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