Posted by: Claire Hannington | October 3, 2014

Strim, rake, mow, rake…

I’m not sure if the volunteers have been singing this to themsleves as they work but we seem to be have be doing a lot of cutting and raking  this month, but hopefully it will be worthwhile the effort. At Kittle Green and in our orchard at South Pilton Green Farm we are in the process of establishing wildflower meadows. In order to do this we need to remove as much of the nutrients as possible which has meant lots of cutting and raking! We will then be spreading yellow rattle seeds on Kittle Green and a wildflower mix in the orchard.

It’s felt a bit like a scene from the olden days and Vyron – who I have to thank for this months photographs, captured the moment.

41  gleaners watercolour

At the beginning of the month we put the finishing touches to the new bird hide at Whiteford with some new bird identification panels and shelves below the windows to rest ones elbows on. This gave rise to another photo opportunity – one that is all the rage nowadays – a shelfie!!!!16shelfie


A section of dry stone wall at Rhossili has finally been repaired since coming down earlier in the year, but alas there is now more to do as another couple of bits have collapsed. With 6 miles of wall to look after it really is a never ending task. Luckily Rhydian and Kirsteen have got to grips with the task so have spent a bit of time making repairs.

28 wallThey have also spent a couple more days with Mark from ARC – putting out lots more reptile refugia mats along the South Gower Coast. By surveying we can see where their favoured habitats are and take it in into consideration when planning our scrub clearance work.

We undertook a bit more fencing, this time at Rhossili putting in a stock proof fence in the top field of the Warren, to prevent stock from damaging a neighbours fence and getting into their garden.

The Saturday group litterpicked Three Cliffs Bay, managing to cover the beach, dunes and up the valley. This was also part of the’ Love Your Countryside Festival’ though i think we all spent a little bit of time loving John’s new Alsation puppy instead!

I spent a day in Llanerchaeron helping bring in the hay, and I will be travelling up there once a week over the next few months to help out with the volunteers and do a load of fencing with the hay meadows project. It will be interesting working at a different site and I’m looking forward to it.

Meanwhile back on Gower we have started in earnest the scrub clearance work at Bovehill. This is an area of limestone grassland above Landimore. We have cleared it in the past but it seems to grow back so quickly. So this year we are making a really big effort to clear it, and then we will be fencing the area off to allow sheep to graze safely and keep any regrowth to a minimum.

Of course its meant a bit more cutting and raking!39 kirsteen 40 workers

We also spent a day at Cwm Ivy, finishing off a bit of bracken and scrub clearance, and also tidying up the woodyard.

Kathryn had about 20 volunteers join her at Rhossili for National Beachwatch  – they undertook a survey of the litter found and cleared a large section of the beach. She also had a group of German students from BadNauheim help litterpick Whiteford and clear scrub at Bovehill,  the task a group of employees from Linea Resourcing in Cardiff undertook, who come out and give us a hand once a year. You may have noticed my absence there – I was on holiday in Malta!

I’m going to leave you with another of Vyrons photos. Its seal pupping time around Worms Head so a great time to walk out there and see the seals. If anyone is interested we have a guided walk out there on Saturday 11th October – phone the office for details.

30 seal worms head 10 09 2014




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