Posted by: Claire Hannington | November 14, 2014

Pick and Mix

I know I know – I’m so late with last months update. I could come up with all the excuses… but it was busy and we haven’t had computer access here for a week. Happily today we are back up and running so here goes!

We finished our work in the orchard spreading seeds and cleared out our pond. We will wait to see what happens in the spring but hopefully the process of transforming the area into a flower rich hay meadow has begun.

The Saturday group took their places on the slopes of Bovehill clearing the bramble from the site. We have had lots of different groups out to help us along with the regular volunteers including a team from Virgin Media and a group of pupils from Olchfa School. The site is really coming on but there’s still a bit more to do. We shall keep plugging away at over the next couple of months.

photo 2 photo 1









Just to mix it up a bit we also undertook a couple of litterpicks. We had a group of students from Morriston Comprehensive clear Rhossili beach. We made a huge dent in the rubbish that had collected around the bridge and reed beds at Nicholaston. Steve Lancy and his Kick Start group came out and helped with Tor Bay and our regular volunteers cleaned Mewslade.

Kick Start also came out a gave us a hand clearing scrub on Cwm Ivy Tor. We spent a couple of days there clearing Burnet Rose that was slowly creeping across the site; as well as keeping on top of a couple of patches of bramble.

photo 3We also started constructing another new log store in the woodyard at Cwm Ivy.

Well it was more of a case of rebuilding and improving on our older existing store. Since the roof got a little dented whilst I was taking out a tree to build the new one (that’s a story the Thursday vols won’t forgot!) it had begun to leak. So we took off the roof and have built up the sides higher to make it easier to stack the logs. We now have 2 lovely log stores so we can stock more wood to dry out before being used.


Log store


We have had a couple of new regular volunteers join us in the weekdays, and also a new FTV. Louisa Haywood-Samuel has joined our merry band of volunteers. Some of you may already know her as she was the Car Park Recruiter at Pennard and Rhossili over the summer. Louisa will introduce herself soon 🙂

I have spent a couple of days with the team of volunteers in Ceredigion working on the hay meadows project up there. We are currently putting in some fencing at Penbryn, and I will be going up there to help them out as and when. But I know I leave Gower in capable hands and the work will continue.

Right. Time to catch up with everything else..whilst the computers are still working. It’s funny how much we use them – it was really weird realizing all the things we couldn’t do this week!




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