Posted by: Claire Hannington | November 28, 2014

Keeping it traditional

Well it seems like only a couple of weeks ago I was writing last months blog (!) So going completely against tradition I’m early with this months!

But as for the work we have been keeping the old traditions alive. The Saturday group kicked us off in Bishopston Valley with some coppicing of the hazel woodlands. We have a 5 year plan in the woodlands to regenerate the area and try and encourage the settlement of dormice. We are now in year 3 of the coppicing work and have also put out lots of dormice boxes. Unfortunately all we have had so far is plenty of blue tits occupying them but we hope one day….

Sat cop 2 Sat coppicing

We had our last working holiday of the year and this was all about rural skills. The first day the volunteers tried their hand at hedgelaying and did a cracking job too. The next day then saw them undertake some fencing – to protect the newly laid hedge from nibbling sheep. And their last days work took them into Bishopston Valley to continue with the coppicing. It was a really good week and everyone seemed to enjoy (which has just reminded me to check out their feedback online…fingers crossed)

WH hedge WH fence

Al, Kathryn, Kim and myself spent a day just outside Machynlleth at the Dyfi Osprey Project learning all about them – it was a fascinating day and maybe one day we could see them return to Gower, and not on a rugby pitch! Meanwhile the volunteers spent another day on Bovehill, and we were also aided there by another group from Kick Start who really ripped through the brambles. Its looking really good up there now but still a few more days to go.

Its at this point of the month I forgot to take any more photographs and with Vyron away I apologise for lack of herein. Apparently Rhydian got some really (cool) shots of us collecting 2 dead cows and a seal from Nicholaston on Wednesday but I don’t think I will use them here.

The Wednesday volunteers spent a day on Ryers Down clearing some more Rhododendron, whilst all the days volunteers took it in turns clearing the scrub on Bishopston Valley Hillfort – just one more day should see that cleared for another year.

A new gate has been put in behind Burrows Cottage at Cwm Ivy, and logs have been split aplenty as that small cold snap took its toll on our supplies. All holiday cottages stores are filled up now with one more delivery before Christmas to make sure. We just need to restock our log stores in the woodyard now.

I took Kirsteen, Rhydian and Louisa for a day out to …Whiteford to have a little go at some chainsawing. They all learnt really quickly and each felled a tree exactly where it was meant to go… (maybe I should learn how to do that..log store… cough cough!).

And we have also spent a couple of days at Rhossili. The volunteers have been building a section of wall back up whilst I mowed the gorse regrowth out towards the lookout using the tractor and cut and collect.

And yesterday there were about 20 of us litterpicking Rhossili beach – all the regulars plus some volunteers from Kick Start.

A very pleasant day resulting in a spotless beach. So on that note have a happy weekend 🙂










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