Posted by: Claire Hannington | December 17, 2014

Where did the year go?

It’s the end of another busy year here for our volunteers on Gower so we’ve been trying to tick off a few remaining tasks this month.

We finished clearing the scrub at Bishopston Valley Hillfort – two days saw that one to completion.

One day up in Ceredigion for me saw us finishing the fencing at Penbryn. Vicky, the project manager, has kindly sent me a couple of photos – the volunteers working hard; the completed fence line (with my dog photobombing it!) and one of me just to prove I was there, although I’m not sure if its my best side 🙂

Penbryn fencing P fencing 1

Me penbryn


Kathryn and a couple of the volunteers went to Pembrey for the day at a Wildlife Trust site to do some training on harvest mice.  They found a few old nests and have brought back their newly acquired knowledge so we can have a little look for them and make our hay meadows more attractive for them.

The Lodge had it’s annual shutdown week so we could get in and do some running repairs. The doors all got a new paint job and the place thoroughly cleaned. It’s all decked out now with Christmas tree and the log store is full all ready for the holiday season guests.

The Saturday group spent a lovely sunny Saturday clearing gorse from Old Castle Camp (OCC) – a hillfort on Rhossili Cliffs. It’s amazing how much they cleared – I’m still trailering the stuff away to Cwm Ivy for burning although i think just one more load will do it – but that’s going to have to wait until January.

Sat group gorse OCC


A small group from Gower College Swansea came out and assisted us litterpicking Rhossili beach, and we also went and emptied the bin at Pwll Du after Jane and Eric had cleaned the beach for us. We spent another day at Bovehill, but a few more days are still needed early next year to finish the job. All volunteers out there – you have been warned!

Rhydian and Louisa went on a brushcutter course and successfully completed it – no stopping them now.

Kim, Kathryn and myself went up to Dinefwr to spend the day looking at the new Volunteering websites. The volunteer version is called myvolunteering and volunteers will be able to access it to look at the latest news, input their hours and loads more.  The volunteer managers version is called yourvolunteering. I got my login details yesterday and had a quick glance at it. Apparently all our voluntary wardens started volunteering in 1905!! – They are looking looking incredibly well after 109 years service. A few minor adjustments to be made I think. But all in all it looks like a really good system.

This final week we’ve cleared some of the cut gorse from OCC, tidied the woodyard at Cwm Ivy and done log deliveries to all the holiday cottages. The vehicles have had a good old clean and the workshops and office all tidy ready for next year.

I guess that’s about it. Phew! Last day tomorrow rounding off with dinner at the Oxwich Bay Hotel.

Thank you to all our volunteers who have worked with us in 2014. We really couldn’t do it without you.

So I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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