Posted by: Claire Hannington | February 6, 2015

Meet Gordon


Hi there,

I am a 32 year young outdoor enthusiast originally from Kenilworth who has just taken the leap from a career in the cycle industry to come and work for the National trust as a Full Time Volunteer on the beautiful Gower coast. Apart from a love of the outdoors with my main hobby of mountain biking I love a good long walk on the hills and exploring the countryside in general.

I have spent the last 15 years working in towns and cities around the UK as either a cycle mechanic or cycle store manager and have had enough of being hidden away in either a workshop or office and so decided to come over to Wales and experience the joys of working outside in the fresh air. I have spent a lot of weekends in Wales on the various mountain bike trails over the years and know I would not regret the ‘leap of faith’ involved with this move.

Having only been here for a week so far it is all such a change that it is hard to take everything in but so far everyone is so much more friendly and welcoming than I am used to from the larger towns and cities I have lived in before now but I am sure I will get used to it soon!

Anyway I hope to meet some of you soon and can’t wait to explore more of this stunning scenery!


Happy trails!

Gordon Price



  1. Welcome to Gower!

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