Posted by: Claire Hannington | April 10, 2015

March – a month of two halves – Part 1

Oh my… a third of the way through April already! The first half of this months blog is from me. The second half from is from the successful candidate who is covering my position whilst i’m working away in Ceredigion. But more on that in a minute.

The month began with a working holiday group who on their first day cleared gorse and rhododendron from the spring lines at Penmaen. This is to encourage suitable habitat for the Southern Damselfly. The next day was spent on Port Einon Point clearing cotoneaster. We are slowly getting through it but there is still a way to go.

photo 1



photo 2



On the Wednesday we took advantage of the tides and walked out to the Worm’s Head in the morning, followed by a litter pick on Rhossili beach in the afternoon. It was such a beautiful day I had to drag them away from the task at the end of the day. photo 4

On their last day we carried on with the fencing at Cwm Ivy running down the side of the track. And then in the afternoon we built sandcastles! It was part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Neptune campaign of which Whiteford was the first acquisition with funds raised. We had fun and the video of the sand art (with sandcastles) was aired on our anniversary event on March 31st, which was a huge success, with Iolo Williams joining us to open our new bird hide.

And on with the interviews for my replacement…. and the successful candidate was Emma Bissonnet who you know already, our FTV from last year. So after i have finished my little bit I shall hand you over to her.

The Saturday group spent a lovely day at Bovehill – clearing scrub, which they have now all learnt means prickly bramble! Myself and Louisa then went out with a group from Gower College Swansea the following week and finished burning all the cut scrub. We have now finished at Bovehill until the autumn.

And finally a group of french students from France (I forgot to ask which university they were from!) joined us for a couple of days as part of a 2 week stay in Wales. They helped us clear some more cotoneaster at Port Einon Point, and joined in our celebrations of the Neptune 50th anniversary.

And the rest of my month has been spent in Ceredigion. If you wish to follow what myself and the volunteers are getting up to up there then you can have a look at their blog. I have started writing a monthly blog whilst i am up there so please follow – I promised in my Ceredigion blog I would plug their blog!




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