Posted by: KimBoland | April 13, 2015

Meet Corrinne, our Seasonal Wildlife Survey & Monitoring Ranger

You may have seen our posts on social media entitled ‘Corrinne’s Weekly Mud Updates’, so we thought you’d like to see the person behind the mud! ….
Corrinne, who is currently working with us as a Seasonal Wildlife Survey & Monitoring Ranger, will be regularly posting her updates. In the meantime, here are some of her most recent findings …..
The Lapwings are here! These beautiful and charismatic birds can now be regularly seen feeding on invertebrates out on the marsh.  Look out for the beautiful sight of them in flight over Cwm Ivy – they are the stars of the show right now, with their acrobatic courtship.
Discovery of the week – a colony of Yellow Meadow Ants on the marsh has been found to be thriving, despite having been covered by the tide several times this year. Ants are amazing!
Corrinne is really looking forward to sharing her next discoveries with you!



  1. Hello Corinne if you want to come and see our place you’ll be very welcome. www, We also do lots of surveying.

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