Posted by: Claire Hannington | August 3, 2015

Claire’s July update

Although I was off work for 2 weeks in the middle of July I did manage to spend a couple of days on Gower either side. The beginning of the month saw the Saturday group tackle the litter at Whiteford. We managed to clear a large section of beach plus a very large piece of netting. DSCF8618Hauling in the nets We also had a chance to look for some of the orchids in the dunes and although getting near the end of the season they were still putting on quite a show.

DSCF8616Bee orchid DSCF8611Pyramidal orchids

Thanks to Jackie Coates for the photos.

And talking about shows a few of us sneaked off a little early (well we all finished early actually!) so we could go and catch the tail end of the big beach picnic at Rhossili. That was well worth it. And I managed a sneaky morning on Gower, as I was giving a talk to a local group in the afternoon, and was able to catch up with the Tuesday volunteers. Was lovely to see them. We are just in the process of organising a day out for our weekday volunteers at Llanerchaeron, and I may be roping them in to help me with a bit of strimming at Penbryn. I will bribe them with cake 🙂



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