Posted by: Claire Hannington | February 5, 2016

January – a little bit more rain

Happy new year and welcome to 2016.

Our first day back in 2016 saw the volunteers clearing gorse overlooking the beautiful South Gower Coast. This is part of a 5 year plan to increase the diversity of habitats on the National Nature Reserve and remove any gorse that could potentially be set on fire. We have spent a couple of days there since and have a few more days planned in to complete this years block.

Clearing gorse

We spent a day at Pwll Du litterpicking the beach and an interesting morning planting wild asparagus in an undisclosed location.

This is the continuation of a long-term project to boost the wild asparagus population on Gower, a nationally scarce species, with the planting out of 15 new plants at two secret locations in the area. These plants were grown from seed collected from wild plants on Gower and cultivated for five years at a specialist rare plant centre in Killerton, Devon, before being brought back for re-planting here to boost the local wild population. Exciting times!

The Saturday group spent the day at Hunts Bay clearing gorse. The weather was ok in the morning but alas the afternoon did bring us untypical rain (well for the Saturday group anyway). A new standard has been set – volunteering with umbrellas!

Sat group

We spent 2 days at Bovehill strimming the bramble regrowth we cleared last year. I think we are beginning to get there with this site – well the volunteers are hoping so…its quite a steep slope and been rather slippery with this rain…one more day to go should do it !

The rest of the month we have been getting on with a couple of jobs at Cwm Ivy. We have been clearing a ride in the plantations behind Burrows Cottage – to act as a corridor primarily for butterflies. Thanks to Frank for this aerial photo – its the ride at the bottom of the photo. An amazing view of Cwm Ivy Marsh too.

Cwm Ivy Marsh, 08 Jan 16 by Frank Rott

We have also been repairing the fencing on the other side of the marsh, along the boundary with Cwm Ivy Woods. Its coming along well but is hard work due to the distance having to carry all the equipment – which is quite heavy. But the volunteers are just brilliant.

Kathryn spent a day at Hunts Bay clearing gorse with a group from Olchfa School.

Louisa has been busy with her newly established Friday volunteering group which is running until Easter. So far they have spent a day at Cwm Ivy processing logs, fencing at South Pilton Green Farm and litterpicking at Pennard.

But I will leave you with this very cute photo I took at Landimore – pigs may be happy in this mud but I bet this little lamb appreciated his rain coat!

Lamb in jacket

Lamb 2



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