Posted by: Claire Hannington | March 7, 2016

Fencing in February

We started the month at Cwm Ivy continuing with the repairs to the fencing on the other side of the Marsh. It has been going really well but made slightly harder by a rather large tree coming down in the winds across the path and fence. Luckily it was on a section we had yet to repair.

We have also been undertaking some fencing in the overflow car parking field at Rhossili – a lot of the fencing in the Vile was done 20 or so years ago and is beginning to come to the end of its lifespan, along with a couple of the gates along the track which we have started to replace.

A small section of dry stone wall also came down with the heavy water runoff from the fields so that is in the process of being rebuilt.

Louisa’s Friday group have been asparagus planting in the second secret location, along with undertaking some fencing and tree planting at South Pilton Green Farm. They also spent a day at Rhossili burning some of the cut gorse.

Karen and Simon fencing

The Saturday group had their second wet day of the year – this time at Whiteford, litterpicking. But many a hardy volunteer showed up despite the weather and cleared a whole trailer load of rubbish off the beach leaving it looking clean, and maybe a little windswept. Thanks to Joanna Smith for the photos.

We had a rather pleasant day out on the Worm’s Head replacing one of the posts holding the safety sign up and also doing some gorse clearance. It makes a change looking back at the mainland – and we made sure we got off in plenty of time.

Worms Head gorse

Emma covered for me a couple of days and with the volunteers finished clearing the sea buckthorn above Pobbles, as well as some more gorse clearance on the South Gower Coast, and fencing at Cwm Ivy – whilst I was meeting our new Volunteering and Community Involvement consultant, learning how to do end of year accruals and moving the ponies in Ceredigion from Penbryn to Lochtyn.

We spent one final day at Bovehill clearing the scrub so that’s off the list for this year, and we spent a day at Three Cliffs Bay clearing litter.

A big thank you goes to Tim who finished his full time volunteer placement with us in February. Tim left on a high having secured a job with the Visitor Service team at Berrington Hall in Herefordshire. And of course we had the usual Gower send off – tea and cake! Good Luck to Tim in the future.

And thanks to Vryon and John who accompanied me on our first event of the year – Walk to the Worm’s Head – we had a good turnout with adults and children who all had a great time exploring the island on what was a glorious spring day.



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