Posted by: KimBoland | March 12, 2016

Our sea slugs bring all the ducks to the marsh!

Brilliant news for our salt marsh at Cwm Ivy – we’ve discovered two species of sea slug.


The first is the bright green Alderia modesta and its the first record for South Wales. The darker brown one is Limapontia depressa and is a first for Gower.

Alderia modesta                                               Limapontia depressa

Both are here in enormous numbers and are busy spawning like mad.

At the same time, flocks of Shelduck have begun feeding here for the first time…could it be they have a taste for sea slugs?!

Isn’t Cwm Ivy is just awesome!

Cwm Ivy marsh landscape



  1. Those species of ‘sea slug’ have been recorded in South Wales several times in the past few years. Plenty of records.

    • Hi Maria,

      Thanks so much for your comment on our blog post.

      That’s great news that there are more records out there-I suspected as much-these things are so tiny, I imagine they are much more common than most people realise!

      The recent Cwm Ivy finds are the first official records of both species for this area-I’m sure they’re probably often recorded, but the records not sent in via the official channels, so no one is aware of it. These have now been approved by Simon Taylor from the Conchological Society, so will be added to the NBN database. Apparently there is another record for Alderia modesta on there, but in the Brecon Beacons, so definitely a mis-type! There’s also an historic account from Llanrhidian marsh from the 1830’s, but again, no official record was made.

      If you have any records for any species (not just nudibranchs) in the Cwm Ivy area, we’d love to see them-especially with dates and grid references-the more information we can share and record, the better.

      Warm Wishes


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