Posted by: Claire Hannington | April 4, 2016

Windy Wednesday

Well it was quite an eventful start to March. Whilst our volunteers were enjoying the hospitality at Parc Le Breos at our start of season meeting, it was a little breezy at South Pilton Green Farm and our pole barn finally succumbed to the winter storms.


The next day was spent clearing it up and the only damage done was a flat jockey wheel on the trailer.

The Saturday group had a stunning day above Fall bay clearing gorse.

Along with one other day with the Wednesday group this completed the block to be cleared over the winter.

Ollie started as our new FTV – see previous blog for his introduction. Several days were spent at Cwm Ivy, carrying on with the fence repairs on the far side of the marsh, as well as clearing all the wood off cuts left over from the new bird hide’s construction. We also started work on the fence on the Cwm Ivy Tor side of the marsh, along with installing an access point. This will be finished tomorrow.

Fening - Cwm ivy Marsh

Not that it was an excuse to spend some time at Cwm Ivy Marsh wistfully thinking we might see an osprey flying over…

We finished the dry stone walling along the track at Rhossili and putting in a new field gate, along with clearing the gorse regrowth on the banks of Old Castle Camp.

Louisa spent the last Friday group clearing out the pond at the farm – amazingly neither her nor Karen fell in!

We spent a couple of days before Easter undertaking litterpicks namely at Mewslade and Rhossili. On Easter Saturday and Sunday we held our annual Cadbury’s Easter Egg Hunt  at Rhossili and Pennard respectively. Unfortunately the weather was not in our favour but thanks to our volunteers Jane, Eric and Jacky for helping out.

Whilst changing a gate post in the woodyard at Cwm Ivy we came across an interesting object.


We know the area was used as a practice bombing range in WWII but weren’t expecting to find a shell. It was inert and had obviously just been dumped there at some point in the past, along with the load of concrete that the post had been put in with. I’m not sure if the log store would have been much protection against it but it helped when it came to coffee break!

lunch in log store




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